Why another study on Luke?

Many years ago I became aware as I led a Bible study on Luke for my congregation, that there were things about Luke-Acts that were/are true but that I hadn’t read anywhere. A great number of commentators on Luke’s two volume work have noted the importance of the role of the Holy Spirit in Luke, but few have offered suggestions as to why Luke so emphasized the Spirit in his Gospel, and then in Acts.

I’m not sufficiently recognized as a biblical scholar to get anything published, but I do believe that I recognize why it is that Luke felt a need to write another Gospel as a prelude to his book of the Acts of the Apostles. Over time I plan to lay that out in detail as I work my way through Luke-Acts again, chapter by chapter, allowing what I’ve discovered in my own studies to cast new light on a Gospel that has special import for a world riven by division.

At the moment, though, I’m pretty busy getting the rest of this site up and running, so this project will have to wait.

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